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Helping women rehabilitate themselves after mastectomy and breast reconstruction

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Why Choose The BRCA Boss?

Know the proper exercises to do after surgery

Many women aren't referred to physical therapy for up to 6 weeks after surgery, yet released to do range of motion exercises at 2 weeks post op.  Know which motions are easy and safe to do.

Personal Experience

Not only does your instructor have extensive knowledge of the human body due to being a physical therapist, she also has had the surgery and has been through the rehabilitation process herself.

Exercise on your own time

Don't worry about appointment times.  Do your exercises on your own time. 

Interested in a Post-Mastectomy Must-Have List?

My goal is to make sure that EVERY woman has access to the proper resources to get her body and life back after surgery either from having a BRCA mutation, breast or ovarian cancer

Programs Available

Phase 1: Once you are cleared by your physician, learn the best exercises to improve your range of motion.

Phase 1

Phase 2: Once you have been cleared by your physician to strengthen, this is a 6 week program to improve mobility and strength.

Phase 2

Coming soon:  Pre-surgery workout!  The best exercises to do prior to surgery to get ready for surgery.


"I was told by my surgeons that by the time physical therapy was needed, I would no longer need it. I found Jamie, whom was one week ahead of me post op. My job is very physical and I knew if I continued recovery with no guidance I would struggle returning to work. Having had the same surgery, I found significant reassurance in her knowledge of what my body was going through and capable of. The progression of the sessions fit great with my weekly progressions. The sessions built confidence, mobility, and strength. What a personalized, valuable experience."

Danielle Sims

"I am so happy to have taken part in the workouts that Jamie has created. After my DMX/DIEP I wanted to start focusing on exercise and physical health. I didn’t know where to begin. Jamie’s videos take a gentle approach by teaching proper technique and provide a way to ease back into workouts while avoiding injury. Each week continues to build on the next. I look forward to continuing with the videos and getting stronger and healthier every day!"

Maria Vega Haag
Land Use Administrator

"I had asked my surgical team if physical therapy would be necessary but they said no. I wasn't really satisfied with this answer so I figured I would just do stretching and strengthening on my own but found myself unmotivated and unsure of what were the correct stretches and strengthening activities to do. Finding Jamie and her plan for post mastectomy rehab has been super helpful. She leads all her classes and completes each exercise by showing you what to do and explains how to do it and gives tips to make sure you are doing each move correctly. She also alerts you to pay attention when certain moves might be pushing you a little further than you might be ready for. This is important because as a newly post-op patient, it is sometimes hard to know where your limitations might be. Thanks so much Jamie!"

Megan Summers
Registered Nurse

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